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2021 SEO Trends and Advice for Search Engine Success

2021 SEO Trends and Advice for Search Engine SuccessRegardless of industry, you have potential customers searching for your products and services on search engines like Google. As more people rely on Internet searches and more competitors upgrade their websites, it’s increasingly important that your website is getting all the impressions it can in search results. To keep up with 2021 SEO trends, these are the tasks we’ll perform to ensure our clients’ search engine success this year.

Monitor More

You have to know where the website stands before you can determine how the content can be improved. Of course, Google Analytics and Google Search Console are important tools. Free website SEO checkers will tell you if you have any problem areas that need correcting. More comprehensive paid services will tell you how you rank for your keywords and how your competitors rank.

Meet Users’ Needs

User experience has more SEO influence with every Google algorithm update. We expect that trend to continue. The website has to be easy to use on every device, and the content has to meet the searcher’s needs. In addition to focusing on keywords and relevancy, Google has advanced to interpreting user intent. When people search your keywords, they are trying to learn or do something. Google knows what they want; do you?

Boost with Video

In 2021, website marketers will use more video to meet users’ needs. Video won’t replace content but add to it, creating more engagement and return on investment.

Optimize for Voice Search

Smart home devices like Google Nest, Amazon Echo, and the voice features on smart phones have contributed to an increase in voice search. Optimizing SEO content for voice search will mean using long-tail keywords, a natural writing style, and more structured data. Content must include clear, concise answers to longer, more conversational queries.

Fight for Special Sections

This year, Google will be giving more answers right there on the first page of search results using special sections like Answer Featured Snippets, People Also Ask, Related Questions, and Knowledge Graph Carousels. These boxes are taking up significant space in search results and leading to more “zero-click searches.” SEO marketers will need to focus on structured data like rich snippets and schema if they want any hope of ranking in the answer sections.

In addition to these 2021 SEO trends, RSPR will continue monitoring and managing link-building, load speed, tags, and more to ensure search engine success. For an evaluation of your website and how RSPR can improve your results, contact us today.