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Media Relations

Do you have products, services, concepts, and ideas that deserve to be noticed? Media Relations is the practice of communicating with members of print, digital, and broadcast media to place news and stories that will positively and consistently inform the public about your company’s mission and practices.

For media placements – from newspaper, TV, radio, trade publications, blog writers, Internet sites, and more – RSPR is the firm to connect your company with valuable members of the media.

RSPR’s PR Services Include:

  • Media Relations RSPR MilwaukeePublicity Campaigns
  • News Releases and Media Advisories
  • News Conferences
  • Market Expansion
  • Product Launches
  • Existing Product Promotions
  • TV/Radio Interviews
  • Positioning Clients as Industry Experts
  • Media Training/Interview Preparation
  • Editorial Calendar Targeting
  • Media Tour Booking and Coordination
  • Article and Commentary Planning
  • Establishing Client Relationships with Trade Media
  • Video News Releases
  • Book Introductions

Once an audience is determined and the message crafted, RSPR’s skilled team will do the work to communicate it.

Public relations has been the foundation of RSPR since it was formed in 1980. An experienced PR firm knows the importance of building relationships with news media, while recognizing how the industry constantly changes. RSPR has evolved with the progressing landscape of news production, staying ahead of the technology curve to give our clients the results that their stories deserve.

Do you have a story to tell? Let us help you tell it. Contact RSPR today.