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What Advertisers Should Keep in Mind During Uncertain Times

What Advertisers Should Keep in Mind During Uncertain Times

People Are Gravely Concerned

Marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic is a highly sensitive matter as peoples’ needs have drastically changed. At this point in time, the number one priority for most people is the health and wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones. As a business, a suitable response to this shift involves pulling back from sales pitches for the time being, and focusing on disseminating comforting messages instead.

Explain to your audience the necessary preventive measures your company has taken with regards to safety and sanitation. Doing this will address your audience’s worries while enhancing their confidence and trust in your brand. Since there will be ample time to plug your products and services after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, it’s far more important to adopt a genuinely sympathetic tone during this time.

People Have Financial Worries

The coronavirus outbreak has wreaked havoc on the economy, putting the stock market in a tailspin. As a result, people are worried about their finances in addition to their health. Therefore, advertisers need to acknowledge this by adjusting their pricing, financing, and/or incentives appropriately. For instance, interest has been waived on student loans for a limited time, car dealerships are increasing the amount of time between payment due dates, and many landlords are pushing back the rent or even waiving the rent for a brief period. These types of messages are powerful in the sense they will make a lasting impression on people given these uncertain times. So, remember your advertising should demonstrate compassion as well as transparency.

Businesses Need to Do Their Share

Something we’ve come to realize during the coronavirus outbreak is we are truly all in this together. This includes small businesses, such as your local bakery as well as large corporations like General Motors; every type of company must make their own path as they traverse this pandemic. Meanwhile, businesses must also step up to the plate and share exactly how they’re lending a hand. For example, some companies continue to pay their employees, some are offering virtual health classes, and others are offering additional paid time off. People will respond favorably to these types of beneficial messages.

Consumers Are Concentrating on the Fundamentals

Due to social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions, many consumers are limiting their purchases to the bare essentials, or the day-to-day items they need to persevere through this pandemic. To effectively react to this, you can direct your marketing towards the items or services currently in greatest demand. If you offer online shopping, be sure to emphasize products or services accommodating those staying at home.