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How to Boost Your Click Through Rate on Facebook Ads

How to Boost Your Click Through Rate on Facebook AdsSpecific Target Marketing

When it comes down to it, the click-through rate, or CTR, on a Facebook advertisement is influenced by the accuracy of target marketing, the quality of the ad copy, and the impact of visual elements. Unfortunately, target marketing is often the most underrated component. Many companies make the mistake of not being specific enough when it comes to their target market. For instance, you want to market to the people inside your niche and not to the people surrounding your niche. Otherwise, you’ll have to dilute your message to ensure it’s applicable to everyone. In other words, missing the mark will cause the message to lose its potency. Therefore, it’s important to accurately define the people inside your niche and market directly to them so your message can be specific, relevant, and meaningful. As a result, members of your target audience will be more likely to engage with your ad, whether it’s in the form of clicks, comments, shares, or likes.


Retargeting campaigns involve reminding your website visitors of your products and services after they have left. This is especially effective on previous customers as they are 15 times more likely to engage with your brand online compared to those who are unfamiliar with your brand, according to technology-enabled recruiting service Hire Learning’s Chris Richardson. Even if your past customers have fallen off your radar so to speak, they’re still further along in the sales funnel process than their novice counterparts. In fact, 91% of marketers attest that retargeting performs equal to or better than other display ads, email, or search, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Powerful Visuals

Having powerful visuals is crucial to the success of a Facebook ad as people are drawn to them due to their engaging nature. Instead of using photos alone, try to mix things up with videos, infographics, and/or GIFs. The more magnetic and unique the content, the more clicks you’re bound to receive.

Superior Ad Copy

The ad copy should be relevant to your target market. To help ensure maximum engagement with the ad, be sure the first line of your ad hooks your target market and encourages them to read on. Whether you’re addressing one of their wants or needs or a pain point, you want to reach them on a personal level. Then, you’ll want to provide an answer to their issue at hand. Help your customers visualize how their life will be improved with your product. Finally, you’ll need to have a tempting and valuable offer urging customers to take action and click on your ad. When thinking of an offer, ask yourself, “what’s in it for the customer?”