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Building Brand Power from the Ground Up

Define Your Brand and Audience

When it comes to defining your brand, it’s best to start at square one. Identify the purpose of your brand as well as the passion that drives it forward. Next, determine who your ideal customer is and what specific products and/or services would cater to them. Gain detailed insight into your target market’s feelings and opinions towards your brand. To successfully accomplish this, genuinely connect with your prospective customers and foster relationships with them. Engage in meaningful conversations to understand their perspective. Building this foundation is necessary for people to view your brand as distinct, valuable, and reliable.

Democratize Brand Identity Principles

Disseminate your brand identity principles throughout your company as well as externally, instead of confining them to your sales and marketing departments. Although a comprehensive brand identity guide consists largely of design materials, it should also include your mission and vision statements and a brief history of your brand’s origins. Specify how your brand is not only different than your competition, but also how the value your brand offers is unique in its market.

Personify Your Brand

Personify your brand so your audience can connect with you on a human level. People will feel more inclined to engage with your brand if you’re approachable, relatable, and warm. So, carefully choose what type of personality your brand should encompass. Be sure the personality you choose is appropriate for your brand and what your brand represents. It should also be a personality your audience will favorably respond to. Once determined, fully embrace and remain consistent with the personality across all your company’s communication channels. If necessary, you may need to make a few tweaks here and there as your branding evolves, but the essence of your brand’s voice should remain the same, i.e., the intrinsic element of your brand your audience easily identifies with.