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How Content Marketing Is Eclipsing Traditional Advertising

How Content Marketing Is Eclipsing Traditional AdvertisingWhat’s It Worth?

Generally speaking, the primary goal of advertising (as well as sponsored content) is to influence customers to purchase a company’s products or services. Content marketing takes things a step further by offering value to customers in the form of knowledge, support, or even amusement. In other words, the value offered is content marketing’s strongest selling point. This strategy allows a company to begin fostering a relationship with their customers that is based on trust, which will ultimately help create a truly faithful audience.

Stretching Your Dollar

There’s no doubt that quality advertising is a form of marketing communication that is here to stay as it works well to produce an ample number of leads. However, content marketing is far more affordable than advertising. In fact, according to Zerys Content Marketplace, content marketing is 62% less expensive than traditional marketing all while generating three times as many leads. Even though spending a quarter of a company’s marketing budget on content marketing is considered the norm, even allocating a narrow percentage would be a highly valuable investment for any business.

In Content We Trust

As mentioned previously, creating quality content helps establish a foundation of trust between your brand and your audience. The key to doing this successfully means going above and beyond selling the product or service. Rather, you need to shift the focal point from promotion to information about the company’s offerings. As an example, a home remodeling company would be wise to post relevant articles online, such as “2022 Home Remodeling Trends” or “What to Look for When Hiring a Contractor.” These types of topics not only genuinely interest the audience, but also directly relate to the services the company offers without the use of outright promotion. Moreover, 61% of consumers are more inclined to purchase from a business that produces personalized content, according to Zerys Content Marketplace.

Web Traffic Report: It’s Bumper to Bumper!

Originally, the main reason people visited a company’s website was to make a purchase. Nowadays, people have another reason – blogs. Blogs have become more commonplace on company websites. When they are posted regularly and offer consumers relevant, valuable information, you can substantially increase your website traffic in addition to expanding the length of your average visit time. Remember to incorporate plenty of applicable keywords when writing your blog posts as well as promote the blog on your company’s social media pages.