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Customizing Your Social Media for Modern Times

Customizing Your Social Media for Modern TimesDespite the unpredictability surrounding today’s market, a powerful social media strategy remains a steadfast approach to the success of a business. In the past, companies perceived social media simply as a marketing option. Now, it has swiftly evolved into an essential part of business strategy as it’s a tool for fostering genuine business connections and faithfulness to your brand as well as increasing sales.

Social media platforms give your company access to vast, instantaneous data regarding your target audience’s preferences. This data must be continually monitored as your target audience will change and grow with time. Additionally, social media gives you an opportunity to try out various visuals, such as videos and photos, to maximize your marketing and e-commerce efforts. Although image-focused platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are ideal for making the most of your visuals, in reality, visuals should take center stage no matter the platform as they are directly tied to optimizing a company’s ROI. The goal is to incorporate visuals your audience agrees with and motivates action. Plus, thanks to its versatility, social media is an optimal space for companies to tell a story, introduce a new product or service, or identify business initiatives.

The Power of Users and Influencers

To continually provide new and relevant content across your social media platforms, it’s beneficial to incorporate user-generated content (UGC) and influencer collaborations into your company’s social media strategy. Surprisingly, content produced by users generally surpasses company produced content in terms of engagement and is even responsible for more conversions. Forbes reports that 79% of consumers attest that user content affects their purchase behavior, while 44% of individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 stated that an influencer’s recommendation swayed them to make a purchase.

The trick to ensure your visuals are the most effective is to determine which types of visuals produce the most engagement, whether its user content, influencer visuals, or product shots. To evaluate your visuals, closely observe engagement rates and stay up to date with the latest trends among your audience. In other words, the style of visuals your audience gravitates towards can change by the month, week, or even day. If you manage to stay in tune with what your audience is interested in at any given time, you can effectively adapt your social media strategy accordingly.

Ultimately, you’ll want to find the right mix between what your audience is resonating with and what your company represents. It’s an arduous process that involves plenty of trial and error, but when achieved, it allows your company to truly stand out from the crowd in the realm of social media.