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Direct Mail Remains Steadfast Through Accelerated Digital Transformation

During the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, a majority of business was conducted online and even though businesses have been returning to normal operations, the use of digital tools remains relevant and is becoming more commonplace in work environments. Despite this accelerated digital transformation, direct mail marketing continues to stand out as a powerful marketing tool for businesses to incorporate into their marketing strategy.

How is this possible? Well, people are growing tired of all that screen time and, to a point, are becoming desensitized to email marketing and online advertising. Direct mail offers customers and prospective customers a unique experience in that it’s highly personal and, most importantly, physical. In other words, it engages your audience’s sense of touch as well as gives your audience’s eyes a break from all that blue light. The experience can be further enhanced when embossing or even scent is included. Plus, direct mail reaches your audience at their home, which is where a significant number of people continue to spend a better part of their time, whether for remote work, remote learning, or for other reasons.

Even though direct mail has remained steadfast through the recent digital transformation, doesn’t mean it hasn’t undergone an evolution of its own. In fact, barcodes are now being incorporated into direct mail marketing pieces for the purpose of tracking individual responses to a company’s mailings. This gives businesses live marketing analytics, which allows them to enhance their target marketing practices as well as minimize marketing expenses.

Moreover, USPS has implemented Informed Delivery, which allows residents to receive a digital copy of your company’s direct mail piece via email prior to its delivery. Marketers have been taking advantage of this trend by including engaging videos or links within this message to further promote their marketing campaign.