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How to Effectively Employ Direct Mail Marketing During a Pandemic

How to Effectively Employ Direct Mail Marketing During a PandemicThese uncertain times have made it increasingly difficult for marketers to determine the most ideal way to promote products and services to their target audience. The good news? You can implement or continue to use direct mail marketing to successfully reach your customers during the pandemic. Of course, with businesses having employees work from home, this certainly creates challenges for B2B marketers who use direct mail in their marketing mix. However, there are other channels that can be used instead. So for now, you may want to put B2B direct mail plans on pause and wait for when those individuals are back in the office.

Although some have expressed concerns about the transmission of the coronavirus via mail, there has not been an instance of the virus being transmitted in this manner, according to the WHO and the CDC. Therefore, it is safe to send pieces of mail to your target audience. The pressing matter is determining how marketers should maximize their direct marketing approach amidst a pandemic.


Avoid incorporating any photos of large groups of people, people attending events, or instances of touch. Alternatively, you’ll want to utilize captivating images that accurately communicate your company’s message.


When crafting a marketing message, refrain from using words relating to closeness and touch. Focus on your products and services and how they will help solve your prospective customers’ problems. Inform your audience of any relevant changes you’ve initiated in response to COVID-19, but don’t take advantage of the pandemic by announcing a coronavirus sale or embellishing the virus for company gain. This type of messaging shows exceptionally poor taste.


The last thing you want to be construed as during a crisis is inconsiderate. So express genuine empathy towards your customers and their situations through your direct mail marketing. This will help you relate to and connect with customers during an especially difficult time. Strive to incorporate positivity and humanity whenever possible.


Examine and highlight how your product or service can benefit people. If your offerings can help people during the pandemic, capitalize on this without overemphasizing the coronavirus. Otherwise, your mail pieces should inform, entertain, or motivate people to act.