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Effectively Paving the Way for Workplace Advancement

Effectively Paving the Way for Workplace AdvancementTiming Is Everything

Laying down the framework for workplace advancement can promote company loyalty, improve retention rates, and boost employees’ spirits. However, the following approach may not be applicable to every position or company. For instance, external hires may better serve a business that is having a difficult time or is new to the market. That being said, a company that is an ideal candidate for internal advancement should be prosperous, have a need for an array of specific skilled jobs, have a management team capable of maintaining an ongoing cycle, and have a well-established company culture that would be arduous to breach.

Specify Advancement Paths from the Beginning

Inform your employees from the start you value career advancement. Be sure to clearly define the paths they can follow that will lead to a promotion. Emphasize each clear, actionable step an employee needs to take in order to make progress.

Monitor Employee Progression

Specifically outlining advancement paths in the workplace will help employees picture their progress. Additionally, the obstacles they’ll face will continually fuel their drive for success. With this in mind, it’s important employees play a part in how their career path is formed while leaders should encourage employees to thrive by weighing in on the extent of the path and tweaking it so it aligns with both the company’s and employee’s overall goals.

Praise Employee Achievements

If employees know company promotions are attainable, there is a greater chance they will continue to work hard and be dedicated to the company for the long-haul. Equally important to establishing a career path is employee praise given the fact one of the most common reasons employees leave a job is due to an absence of acknowledgment. So, in the event of a promotion, celebrate the special occasion. Include others in the celebration that contributed to the individual’s success.