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How to Effectively Listen to and Act on Behalf of the Customer

How to Effectively Listen to and Act on Behalf of the CustomerLend an Ear

Given these uncertain times, customers want their voices to be heard now more than ever. In truth, customers are itching to provide companies with feedback. Therefore, companies need to capitalize on this by ensuring there are plenty of communication channels in place.

The Power of Mobile

It may seem as though some of your customers have left, but in reality, many customers are opting to engage with brands in a different way. While a number of customers are warming up to using physical touchpoints again such as in-store kiosks, customers are predominantly using mobile devices for business dealings. So, be sure your company’s website is updated and mobile-friendly. Mobile also is ideal for gathering customer feedback. Customers are far more inclined to fill out an in-app survey than an oral or email survey. Plus, at the end of the day, in-app surveys provide more meaningful feedback.

Monitor Changes

Life as we know it is changing daily and as a result, customers are constantly developing new predilections, tendencies, and behaviors. It’s important to have a method for tracking these customer changes. You’ll want to be notified whenever there is a dramatic shift to allow you to respond swiftly and effectively, ensuring customer retention.

Reference Customer Data Prior to Making Decisions on Offerings

A pandemic is not the time for avoidable costly errors. When making decisions involving a product or service, be sure your decisions are based on the customer data you’ve collected. It’s impossible to keep up with the daily changes without continuously collecting and analyzing customer feedback.