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How to Effectively and Sympathetically Upsell in Unprecedented Times

How to Effectively and Sympathetically Upsell in Unprecedented Times

Be Responsive Towards Market Needs

Typically, in times of economic uncertainty, companies will not prioritize long-term marketing plans or luxury items. Instead, their primary focus will likely be on short-term marketing plans aimed at the current state of affairs as well as the fundamental goods and services that will sustain normal business operations. In other words, it’s important to modify your business’s offerings so that they complement the current needs of consumers. If you manage to satisfy your customers, or even go above and beyond their immediate needs, there’s a greater chance they will favorably respond to your upsell proposals when the time is more appropriate.

Practice Proper Relationship Management

Business-consumer relationships are indirectly related to upselling as quality relationships are conducive to successful upselling. Companies need to understand in some instances, no amount of alterations to your offerings can change the fact some customers are simply unable to afford particular products. Your company should consider accommodating these customers who are having a hard time, if financially possible. Not only does helping those in need demonstrate your company genuinely cares, but it’s something your grateful customers won’t soon forget. To put it another way, people tend to note how companies behave towards them during difficult times, and if their experience is a positive one, they tend to return the favor with loyalty.

Reach Out to Customers Who Are Prosperous

Rely on your market research or sales information to recognize your clients who are surviving, or those who are flourishing, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. From a business development standpoint, determine how you can reach these clients and assist them. Also consider your client’s employees. Even if a company is financially thriving, the employees are probably under a lot of pressure and are worn out.

Also Reach Out to Customers Who are Not Doing Well

Customers who are currently unable to afford your offerings will not produce an instant upsell. However, you’ll still want to reach out to these customers and determine how you can accommodate them once business resumes to normal operations. It reassures your customers that your relationship with them is solid as well as gives your company the opportunity to prepare to avoid being inundated by waves of purchases when it’s business as usual again.