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Encouraging Readers to Take Action Upon Reading Your Blog Posts

Encouraging Readers to Take Action Upon Reading Your Blog PostsComments

One of the simplest ways to encourage your readers to take action is to ask them to leave a comment upon reading your blog post. Ask them to share a personal experience or knowledge on the subject, leave a piece of advice, or pose a question.

Social Media

If your small business is interested in growing your social media presence, include a call to action within your blog encouraging readers to connect with you in digital spaces. For instance, ask your readers to reshare the blog on LinkedIn, like it on Facebook, or retweet it on Twitter. Although your company’s social media icons should be easily accessible on your website, it doesn’t hurt to invite your audience to follow your social media pages as well.


Since those reading your blog post are interested in the subject matter, consider monetizing your post. If applicable, end your post by mentioning a relevant product or service your company offers. Discuss how it can solve a common problem your customers may experience or how it fulfills a particular need. The key is ensuring the content of your blog seamlessly aligns with the product or service you’re plugging. Keep in mind, you don’t want it to be a sales pitch, rather you want to strategically tie in a product or service to the subject matter and frame it as a relevant call to action.

Email List

One of the most effective calls to action you can include in a blog post is inviting your readers to join your email list. Why? Readers that are added to your email list can be invited to read subsequent posts, engage with those posts, and follow your social media platforms. What’s more, you can send sales and other promotional offers directly to them.