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Growing Your Audience with LinkedIn

Growing Your Audience with LinkedInTake Advantage of Direct Messages

LinkedIn gives businesses the ability to send/receive direct messages to/from their contacts. Treat every message as a business opportunity. However, it’s strongly advised to refrain from sending a sales pitch as your first message, especially a general one sent to everyone with complete disregard for your target market. This approach is counterproductive as the receiver will view your message as spam. If you want to see serious results on LinkedIn, your primary focus should be the content of your message. Ideally, each message you send should be customized for the receiver. Furthermore, the content itself should be deemed valuable in the receiver’s eyes. In fact, the majority of your message should consist of useful information, especially if you’re interested in boosting sales on this platform.

Use Social Listening to Expand Your Network

Social listening involves forming relationships with key stakeholders in your market and taking careful note of the content that truly resonates with them. Study the type of content they engage with as well as who they follow. This will allow you to identify commonalities and as a result, you can create content that carries more weight, leaving your audience with a meaningful and lasting impression of your company. Consider connecting with popular business leaders as they’re no strangers to introducing themselves to new people and companies and growing their network. Since they’re in positions of power and are responsible and capable of making critical business decisions, it’s imperative they receive your LinkedIn messages. It wouldn’t hurt to engage with their content as well since this could help you build a wider audience that encompasses highly influential people. Alongside business leaders, remember to connect with those whom you’ve met in person, including past and present coworkers and friends as they have the potential to endorse your brand and offerings.

Enhance Your Overall Profile

A large network, relevant and valuable posts, and sincere endorsements all contribute to a more impressive LinkedIn profile. A profile that fellow LinkedIn users will be more inclined to support. In fact, LinkedIn messages tend to have a higher success rate in terms of engagement when users are approached by a company with a more prestigious profile. Although you may not experience immediate results, don’t get discouraged. LinkedIn is an expansive social networking service that has a lot of offer. It just takes time to find the appropriate audience aligned to your offerings. The best course of action when it comes to social media, is to remain active, consistent, and relatable. Eventually, your followers will notice your efforts and your social media presence will thrive.