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3 Innovative Ways to Reinvent Your Marketing Strategy

3 Innovative Ways to Reinvent Your Marketing StrategyAdopt a Mobile Friendly Mindset

When it comes to incorporating videos for marketing purposes, it’s important to shoot the video in portrait mode, i.e., with vertical orientation, because this type of video presentation style is more mobile friendly than a video shot in landscape mode. The aspect ratio of a vertical video (9:16) is tailor-made to perfectly fit onto the screen of your smartphone, allowing you to better maximize the available space on your customers’ screens.

You’ll want to include people in your visual content as much as possible given that research shows content featuring people tends to have a better success rate than content that doesn’t. When determining who to cast for your content, think about asking your customers or employees to participate, or consider hiring models or actors.

Above all, your content should be easy to digest. Practice effective communication by ensuring your content is clear, concise, and consistent. In fact, ads that include less than 300 words of short text overlays and captions are ideal.

Maximize Your Videos’ Potential

In terms of a video’s length, brief is better so as to not lose the viewer’s interest or bury your message and call to action — 15-second videos perform best. This may not seem like a lot of time, but when utilized to its full potential, a quarter of a minute is more than sufficient. The key is to use the time you have to emphasize your brand and communicate one distinct message to your audience. If time allows, be sure to conclude the video with a direct call to action, such as instructing your audience to purchase a product or service, call a phone number, or visit a website.

Educate and Entertain Your Audience

Did you know that Instagram Reels accounts for more than 20% of people’s time spent on Instagram? With that said, it’s worth exploring this feature. The content you present should be informational, but also entertaining to your audience to foster engagement. Keep in mind, the ultimate goal of your content is to educate your audience about your brand. For instance, you could survey your audience to determine the top three complaints they have about a particular issue that your products and or services could solve. Your video could then highlight your company’s specific products or services that would be most useful for satisfying each complaint. Another option is to address some of the most frequently asked questions your audience has about your brand, products, or services. Remember, your video content should be as informative as it is captivating to your audience.