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Instagram Inspiration for 2021

Instagram Inspiration for 2021Give Your Audience a Backstage Pass

One way to provide engaging content to your followers while exhibiting your brand’s personality involves posting videos and photos showcasing a behind-the-scenes look at your business. Show your audience how your team works together, your operations, and more. This is your chance to be creative and pique your followers’ interest in your brand and offerings.

Conduct a Poll

To be sure what your audience’s interests are, conduct a poll. When people can relate to and are interested in the content they’re viewing, they’re more likely to engage with that content. So not only will an Instagram poll increase engagement, but it will also provide you with beneficial feedback. A few ideas for Instagram polls include potential features of a new product you’re developing, ideas for online and in-person events, and potential topic ideas for content, which don’t have to be confined to Instagram. You could poll your audience for blog topics, for example.

Highlight Your Followers’ Content

Take the time to repost relevant and engaging content posted by your followers. This content should be directly related to your brand or your offerings. Although simple to do, it’s an effective and meaningful gesture as it demonstrates to your audience you follow them, listen to them, and connect with them. To keep track of mentions of your brand or offerings, utilize a social media tracking system.

Take Advantage of Tutorials

Chances are, you have a group of followers who don’t have any working knowledge of your products and/or services. Create an informative video that demonstrates how to use your products or services as well as highlights all the benefits. Customers are more inclined to make a purchase if they’re confident in a product’s use, features, and benefits.

Use the Power of Quotes

Inspirational quotes on Instagram are often successful in terms of engagement because they’re generally clever as well as highly relatable. Plus, given the hardships of 2020, everyone could use a little inspiration in their lives. Instagram quotes can be sourced from a variety of people, including celebrated people, your team leaders, a customer testimonial, and even your own content.