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Keeping Your Social Media Content Current

Share Your Blog Posts

When a company shares its blog posts on social media, it gives them the opportunity to expand their thought leadership marketing to a new medium. Sharing company blog posts increases the visibility of specialized expertise while accomplishing various marketing goals, such as building brand strength and generating new business.

Utilize Customer Testimonials

When you share customer testimonials on your company’s social media channels, you’re demonstrating how much your customers value your company. Customer testimonials also allow you the opportunity to get creative. For instance, you can transform your customer testimonials into graphics with your logo on them or you could interview your customers on camera and share their testimonial videos online.

Peel Back the Curtain

Allow your customers to see what goes on behind the scenes at your company, whether that means showing them how a product is made or interviewing various employees about their roles at the company. Giving your customers a sneak peek into your company’s operations helps to humanize your brand, which creates a more welcoming and personalized customer experience.

Use Curated Content

Don’t feel that all your social media content must be made from scratch. Sprinkle in some curated content every once and awhile to shake things up.

Examples of curated content include relevant industry news articles, events, blog posts, and videos. Encourage your followers to engage with this content by clicking on the post, liking the post, or leaving a comment.

Announce Company Updates and Product Launches

Inform your audience of any major, relevant company updates in addition to any product launches. However, avoid inundating your news feed with company related posts as it will be perceived as excessively promotional.

Rely on Your Followers

Incorporating user generated content (UGC), or content created by your followers, on your social media channels is a powerful marketing tool as it is the epitome of authenticity given consumers tend to trust their peers more so than the brands themselves. So, UGC helps to build that emotional connection between the brand and the consumer, which is the basis of a meaningful relationship. To make things fun, you could create a social media contest or a hashtag or challenge to encourage your followers to create their own content.