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Keywords are Key on Your Company’s Social Media

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When shoppers are looking for a product or service, they might search for it on Google. Or they might turn to their favorite social media site. It is common for customers to use the search bar on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media sites like they would the search bar on Google.

How do you help customers find you on social media? Keywords—words or short phrases that customers use when searching for something—will allow your company to get on top of that search list.

Keywords should be used often on your social media pages (and on your website) in photo captions, posts, and the bio, about, or summary sections.

There are several ways to find the right keywords to use in those spaces:

  • Common Words | Think about words that describe your company. If a customer couldn’t remember your organization’s name, what words would they type in the search bar?
  • Associations | What terms do you want your company to be associated with? For example, RSPR would like to show up when “social media management” is typed into the search bar.
  • Use Google as Your Guide | If you’re at a loss, type words that describe your company into the Google search bar. Automated related phrases will show up below the search bar. You can also find keywords from the relevant searches list. Furthermore, Google Analytics is a helpful tool in discovering what keywords lead your customers to your website.
  • Check Against Your Competitors | If you type one of your keywords into a social media search bar, and more than a handful of similar companies appear, you might want to choose a more specific keyword.

Using keywords is not only beneficial in ensuring your company is at the top of the search list. Discovering the words customers use to search for your service or product helps you understand your audience better, as well as the topics and content in which they are interested. In turn, you can optimize your content to better engage them.

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