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Localizing Online Marketing

Localizing Online MarketingEverything Starts with a Search

A staggering 266.7 million Americans shop online as of 2022, according to Business News Daily. Most online shoppers begin their shopping experience with a Google search, which means search engine marketing is key to attracting customers and can also be particularly beneficial for local marketing efforts. Therefore, your company’s website and its copy should contain ample keywords and compelling content directly connected to your community and target audience. This will help ensure your company pops up in any applicable searches.

Get Social

Utilizing social media for both paid advertising and non-advertising content also works well to reach customers on a local level. We’ve all seen paid ads or sponsored content on social media platforms before and when done well, they can be highly successful. Non-advertising content is also effective and refers to posting intriguing, relevant content accompanied by a striking visual, such as a photo or video. Companies should consider posting a mix of both forms of content initially to compare analytics and engagement. This allows you to determine what type of content your customers and prospective customers respond to better. Regardless of type, it’s important your brand posts content regularly and remains consistent across all social media platforms. One of the primary goals of a company using social media is to help develop a more personal connection with its followers. As your social media presence grows, so should the connection, trust, and loyalty between your brand and consumers. A successful social media presence will culminate in increased sales.

You’ve Got Mail

Approximately 4.26 billion people use email, according to 99 Firms. This incredible number of people means that email marketing remains one of the most popular, dependable, and effective ways to reach your customers, including local customers. Today’s email marketing software typically offers geolocation, which can help your company target contacts in a specific region. Plus, marketing automation software can send personalized emails to customers after they take specified actions, such as clicking on a link, placing an order, or abandoning their shopping cart. Email automation enhances your marketing strategy because it saves time, nurtures leads, and boosts sales.

“Ding!” Was That a Text?

The Pew Research Center has reported that you can reach 97% of U.S. adults through text. In other words, text message or SMS marketing is particularly effective for businesses looking to reach local customers. Similar to email marketing campaigns, SMS geofencing, allows brands with the proper permission to send text messages to customers when they enter a specific geographical area. Text message marketing generally offers various automated features, including automated texts, to help personalize messaging, foster leads, and increase sales. Text message marketing is ideal for conducting brief customer surveys, which are especially helpful for inspiring your subsequent marketing plans.