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Overcome 2021 Advertising Obstacles

How to Overcome Some of the Biggest Advertising Obstacles of the YearAchieving Maximum Engagement Despite an Increase in Channels

With the number of channels available for customer communications continuously rising, marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to connect with, let alone find, their target customers where they’re the most active online. The key is to identify the specific platforms your customers primarily utilize and stay active on those platforms. This entails developing and publishing relevant, valuable, and timely content as well as facilitating genuine and direct two-way communication with your followers. The more personalized the communication, the stronger the connection will be between your company and your customers, and the easier it will be to build brand loyalty.

Digital Advertising Fatigue

Last year, the sheer volume of digital advertising skyrocketed across various companies and industries as a direct result of the pandemic. After being bombarded by digital advertising in 2020, many customers have developed varying degrees of digital ad fatigue. Marketers would be wise to implement original ideas for media relations, customized content, and communication channels owned by their company. The goal is to stand out amidst all the digital advertising noise. The more imaginative your approach, the more successful your efforts will be.

Ever-Changing Privacy Concerns

As technology grows and advances, so too does the complexity of privacy rules and regulations. As third-party cookies continue to be removed, an increased emphasis is placed on first-person data. To properly navigate and address matters surrounding privacy, marketers must take a more direct route for determining a customer’s intent to purchase. Once collected, this authorized first-person information can be utilized to gain invaluable insight into the customers’ prospective. More specifically, it will shed light on their actions and preferences as they pertain to customization, conversions, and brand trust.