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How to Recycle Digital Content for Direct Mail Campaigns

How to Recycle Digital Content for Direct Mail CampaignsLanding Pages

Generally speaking, a company’s landing pages are written in a similar manner as direct mail in that they are both framed to elicit a direct response from the customer or prospective customer. Therefore, you’ll want to pinpoint the specific landing page or pages on your website that yield the highest conversions and use the content as a base when building your direct mail campaign. Pay attention to the flow and style of writing as well as any calls to action and assess how they play off one another to promote engagement online. Afterwards, you’ll simply need to tweak the messaging to better suit direct mail.


Email is another resource that employs a comparable strategy as direct mail marketing to increase response rates. Locate and study your most successful emails to determine the specific approach and copy that was well received by your audience and evoked the most conversions. Again, the valuable information you find in your email campaign can be applied to your direct mail campaign.

QR Codes

QR codes (quick response codes) are 2-D scannable barcodes that allow the mailing recipient to instantly obtain more information on your product or service. According to Business2Community, QR code usage in direct mail has doubled since 2019 and 30% of Americans have scanned a QR code on a mail piece. The benefits of a QR code? They’re adaptable, are easy to create, and can be deciphered by a smartphone camera. What’s more, QR codes can also monitor user data as well as the success of the campaign. Incorporate QR codes in your next direct mail marketing campaign to provide your audience with a customizable mobile experience that links them directly to your top landing pages, social media channels, videos, and more. The data you gather from these QR codes can be used to further refine your direct mail efforts in the future.