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How to Successfully Reform Your Company’s Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Successfully Reform Your Company's Digital Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Digital Marketing Strategy

As a result of these unprecedented times, an increasing number of people are spending time on various websites and social media platforms. As a result, businesses need to redirect their focus on digital marketing strategy. More specifically, they need to determine how to use their digital existence to engage their audience and make a genuine connection with them, which will ultimately lead to a sale. For instance, many large retailers are working on reinforcing their digital marketing approach via ecommerce and enticing online offers to help uphold normal business operations.

Be Selfless

Companies should make an effort to support others in need during times of crisis as self-seeking companies are predisposed to failure during uncertain times. Being sympathetic and having sincere concerns for your audience translates to long-lasting customer loyalty. Bacardi is a prime example of this concept as they helped manufacture methanol and hand sanitizers during the pandemic. Moreover, #raiseyourspirits, which was their online campaign, helped raise $3 million for struggling restaurants and bars.

Reexamine Offerings

It’s expected the market and consumer habits will drastically change during a pandemic. So, as a proactive measure, closely study all your brand communications. That way, you can swiftly adapt to any major changes and remain relevant and timely. As an example, Dyson was seriously contemplating helping manufacture 15,000 ventilators for the UK’s National Health Service, according to Entrepreneur. After careful consideration, the British technology company ultimately decided to manufacture the medical equipment to help save lives.

Support a Charity, Nonprofit, or Social Cause

Although many businesses are experiencing slow periods due to the coronavirus, it does give businesses the chance to digitally connect with their audience and strike up purposeful discussions. One goal of a digital marketing strategy is to determine how to fulfill your customers’ current needs and wants while supporting a relevant and noble cause in the process. For instance, American fashion house Kenneth Cole Productions Inc. donated 20% of its online sales to the Solidarity Response Fund, according to Entrepreneur. People respond favorably when they have an opportunity to be a part of something that is having a positive effect on the world.