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Tips to Make Marketing Memorable

Tips to Make Marketing MemorableIn today’s business climate, it’s imperative a company’s marketing be more interactive, an approach allowing a consumer to contribute by sharing feedback online and through social media. What started with returning a response card and then an email survey now includes interactive ads and social media influencers.

With that in mind, utilize these ideas to enhance your marketing program:

  • Regularly attempt new marketing methods, seeking responses from your audience. Continue to utilize activities that prompt positive feedback, while discontinuing what produces minimal results. Suggested endeavors include podcasts, blogs, social media channels, videos, and updating your website.
  • According to the Harvard Business Review, companies that conducted ad experiments achieved enhanced response. As customer interests can quickly change, testing messages can lead to finding one performing at a higher level and in turn, providing improved results.
  • Compensate customers for their commitment through discounts and coupons to maintain an interactive relationship and continued buying. For example, solicit photos or videos of customers using your product to share on your website and social media channels and in turn, provide the customer an offer to purchase additional products at a reduced price.
  • Customers are often seeking an experience when using products, so explain how your product has produced a successful result. This gets more people interested in the product.

Consult customers for ideas, as marketing is no longer a one-way conversation. Listen and learn more of what your customers want and then provide it to them.