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Video Ideas That Will Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Video Ideas That Will Enhance Your Social Media PresenceConduct an Employee Interview

Interview videos are ideal for personifying business culture. It gives employees a platform that allows them to be seen and heard. The interview itself doesn’t need to be anything fancy. You’ll just need to film an employee and ask them a series of interesting, fun, and applicable questions pertaining to their personal tastes. For instance, you could ask: dogs or cats? Netflix or YouTube? Phone call or text? Coffee or tea? Be sure to keep things exciting and do not divulge the questions ahead of time. Remember, genuineness is vital for a successful interview.

Promote New Products

If you have a new product on the market or if you have one in the works, build hype with a promo video by mixing together screen recordings, packshots (moving images of a product that typically include its packaging and labeling) and a catchy soundtrack. If you really want to think outside-the-box, consider a humorous approach. Create a comical video depicting how not to use your product. Research shows funny or eccentric videos perform far greater than traditional videos on social media.

Use News

Perhaps your company has a major announcement to make, or you want to comment on breaking world news or a popular trend. Regardless of the type of news your company chooses to share, you’ll be able to create video content with minimal effort. News content such as photos, soundbites, and video can be easily adapted for your own purposes. Not to mention, there’s always news to report, so it’s something to fall back on if you’re having trouble coming up with new content ideas.

Pull Back the Curtain

As humans, we’re naturally curious creatures. So, why not make a video that gives your customers a behind-the-scenes look at your business operations? For example, you could have an employee record themselves while they provide a detailed walkthrough of a standard workday. Alternatively, you could reveal a special ingredient or feature that’s part of their favorite product, and subsequently create a video that shows how the ingredient/feature is made or why it’s included.

Push Your Podcast

If you search podcasts on iTunes, you’ll find over a million of them! That being said, it’s advised to use video when promoting your podcast in order to reach a larger number of listeners. Don’t forget to include a soundwave alongside your video. That way, your audience will clearly understand you’re publicizing audio content. To encourage your audience to listen to your podcast in its entirety, pull an excerpt from the podcast, something notable, that will hook them.