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Virtual Networking During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Virtual Networking During the Coronavirus PandemicBusiness networking prior to COVID-19 involved attending business seminars or lunch meetings. Nowadays, the process of building a network has gone primarily virtual and thanks to social media, it’s becoming the new norm.

Maximize Your Current Connections on Social Media

Log in to your company’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and search for mutual connections so you can reach out to them and request an introduction. Review your current network and ask those connections for additional recommendations. Be clear and specific to find the most relevant and valuable networking connections. Pay it forward and recommend connections to others as well. This can be done via social media. For instance, you can tag the two connections in a post highlighting a topic of shared interest.

Using Social Media to Make New Connections

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many to spend more time on social media. As a result, an increasing number of people are making new connections via digital platforms. For example, search for a topic trending on Twitter and engage in the conversation for deeper understanding. Be a part of a Livestream on Facebook or LinkedIn and interact with the host and other guests afterward. Another option is to join webinars. Virtual events allow you to share your expertise and case studies. Plus, they’re perfect for connecting with your team and customers along with networking with others.

Arrange an Interview

You’ll need to do your homework in advance, but conducting an interview with a relevant and insightful professional gives you the opportunity to learn about a person and their career as well as an organization that interests you. Use your discretion when deciding on formalities of the interview, such as whether the interview should take place on social media or over the phone. Whatever your preferences, the questions you ask during the interview should be genuine and perceptive. Do not promote the interview on social media as a free advice session.

Remember to Say Thank You

Thank the new connections who have joined your network. Tell them you value the answers they’ve provided as well as the connections and resources they recommended.