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Writing Effective Social Media Copy

Writing Effective Social Media CopyQuote an Article

If you’re looking for the simple approach when it comes to writing effective social media copy, then pulling a quote from an article is the best way to go. Simply conduct some online research and find a timely article relevant to your company. It should be something that evokes thought and provides value to your followers. Once you find the right article, take a meaningful quote from the article and copy and paste it into your social media post. Remember to properly source the quote and include a link to the original article.

Type in all CAPITAL Letters

Short, sweet, and to the point, there are times when posting a one-word post in all capital letters on social media is not only a suitable tactic, but also an effective one. Why, you ask? Sometimes less is more, and in terms of social media, typing a single word in all capital letters that expresses agreement or disagreement, such as: THIS, YES, NOPE, and NOTED, can draw more attention to your post than a lengthy one. This is especially true if the primary focus of your post is on the Tweet you’ve shared, the video you recorded, or the article you found, rather than your words. Plus, this strategy, when implemented correctly, has been known to boost engagement.

Acknowledge Feelings

There are some pieces of social media content that are meant to make us feel a certain way, whether it’s happy, sad, angry, or surprised. In fact, there is an abbreviated hashtag specifically designed to express your feelings and it’s #tfw, which stands for “that feeling when.” Inciting a particular feeling amongst your audience and incorporating this hashtag in your post is the perfect way to connect with them on an emotional level. This humanizes your brand and makes you more relatable, which encourages people to engage with your content.

Pose a Question

A clear and direct way to get your followers communicating with your brand and with one another, is to pose a question to them. Whether the question comes in the form of a poll or a debate, the key is to ensure that it’s not only relevant to your brand and audience, but that it’s an open-ended question that spurs discussion as well. This strategy allows you to post an assortment of relatable content that you’d like your audience to view in order to discover the answer.

Ask for Help When You Need It

Perhaps you need to interview an expert to include them in an upcoming blog post. Or maybe you’re in need of a summer intern or require feedback on a product or service idea. Whatever your need, you can always try enlisting the help of your followers. Ask your audience to provide their expertise on the situation at hand and see where that takes you.