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How to Effectively Walk in Your Customers’ Shoes

Some companies were created out of a person’s desire to help those just like them. In other words, their peers make up their target market. As a result, they only need to look to themselves when developing marketing content. For example, they could ask themselves, “Would I subscribe to this e-newsletter?” Conversely, there are entrepreneurs in certain industries who do not have this luxury. In these situations, there is usually more of a distance between the business and customer. Perhaps your product or service is foreign to your customer, or people find your industry complicated and confusing. If you find your business is having a difficult time relating to customers, there are strategies you can adopt to gain deeper insight and significantly improve your connection with your audience.

What Product or Industry Do You Find Particularly Troublesome?

Nobody on this planet is omniscient, so what one person finds straightforward, others may find incomprehensible. Consider the voicemails or letters you receive that you intentionally postpone. Or what about those essential purchases that you absolutely dread conducting research on? Often, this procrastination stems from stress, anxiety, or confusion brought on by a lack of information. Frankly, people are simply unaware of all their choices. Credit cards, clothing, new technology, and cars are a few examples of high-stress items. Making decisions on these types of products can be especially difficult for individuals, who were not introduced to them at a young age. With this in mind, think about why a specific product or service makes you uncomfortable by pinpointing the source(s) of distress. What could your business do to change this? The key is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. For instance, if your company is in the business loan industry, you’ll need to grasp why loans are a common source for misunderstanding, apprehension, and stress for people. Next, you’ll need to implement company changes that address these sources of discomfort. Perhaps you could improve upon customer service, promotions, or website layout to resolve the issues. This will help reverse the stigma surrounding your industry as well as improve the customer experience with your company.

Analyze the Disruptive Companies in Your Industry

The primary goal of disruption in the business world is to meet the customers’ needs more fully and effectively. Disruptive companies interrupt their industry by redefining traditional business models. They take a step back and determine why the current business model isn’t completely aligned to customers’ needs. In nearly every industry, there is opportunities for improvement here. Typically, these disruptors are born out of your target market’s latest and most vital partialities. Jumping on the latest trends allows a company to outshine their older and bigger competitors. They are a prime example of how to effectively walk a mile in your customers’ shoes. So, be sure to consistently monitor the changes in the needs of your target market.