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How to Maximize Social Media Marketing to Win Over and Convert Buyers

How to Maximize Social Media Marketing to Win Over and Convert Buyers

Carefully Calculated Social Media Advertising

In order to prevent users from feeling as though their social media activity is being closely monitored and dissected, it’s important that social media marketing is targeted to the right buyers at the most opportune times. Every social media platform enables you to target specific groups of buyers using an assortment of filters, such as location, age range, gender, likes and interests, income levels, education level, and more. This means you can hone in on individuals whose interests compliment your products and or services, even if they have no knowledge of your brand. Although your social media advertising must capture the attention of your audience, you want to avoid coming off as a nuisance. So, be sure to thoroughly research your target audience prior to selecting filters.

Keeping Your Ads in the Newsfeeds of Potential Buyers

Even though not every social media ad click will translate into a purchase, you must still practice retargeting in order to remain fresh in the minds of your buyers and potential buyers. Retargeting advertising means targeting to consumers based on their previous online actions. In other words, it involves continually occupying your audience’s social media newsfeeds, so they remember you. Considering “76% of people say they have purchased a product they saw in their social media feed,” according to Business 2 Community, you’ll want to set aside a sufficient budget for retargeting advertising.

Give Social Media Users a Direct Option to Buy Now

Many social media platforms give brands the option to include a purchase button to accompany their advertisements. This feature is highly valued as 130 million people click on shopping posts every month on Instagram, and 46% of those people make a purchase after engaging with these types of posts, according to Business 2 Community. Therefore, the likelihood of a purchase via social media greatly increases when a post includes a purchasing button because it streamlines the process.

Take Advantage of Brand Communities

Building and fostering brand communities, which are formed based on attachment to a product or service, allow you to easily and quickly address customer problems. This helps keep your buyers satisfied and yields goodwill. Additionally, brand communities present opportunities for you to encourage buyers to make a purchase. For instance, new social media followers can get answers to their questions from past loyal customers instead of paid influencers. Consumers that trust a brand are more inclined to buy from that brand.

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