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New Year, New Website

Web design desktop with laptop and tools

It’s a common phrase we hear around this time of year: “New year, new you.” Does your company need to add “new website” to the saying?

As we hit reset in 2024, your organization might want to think about its website and consider a redesign. A website redesign is about more than changing the colors and font. Its main purpose is to allow you to rethink what’s on your website, how it’s organized, and how you want your customers to interact with it.

After all, your website is your first impression to new audience members. While a first impression is important, it’s also important to know that a website redesign is a commitment, and there should be good reason to take that step. The following are some the most common reasons companies undergo a change:

  • The organization just went through a rebrand.
    Whether your company adopted a new name or updated its logo, the website needs to reflect that change. A rebrand is a chance for you to make considerable changes to your site as your organization turns a new page, but the design and messaging must be consistent and cohesive with your updated or new vision.
  • Visitors are not turning into customers.  
    When a new audience member visits your website, you most likely want them to act, whether it’s signing up for your newsletter, purchasing a product, or calling you to ask about your service.The actions you want your visitors to take should be clear through the design of your website. Your website needs to convince them to interact with you. It should guide your visitors to what they need, so they want to become customers.
  • Audience members find it difficult to use your website.  
    Remember that audience attention spans are short. Most customers don’t have the patience to go searching through all the pages on your website to find what they need or read text-heavy pages. Important content should be easy to find— 1-2 clicks at most — and text should be broken up through visuals or subheads so your audience can scan it.
  • The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not up to date. 
    SEO is constantly changing, as Google updates its ranking criteria regularly. If your website isn’t showing up on the popular search engine, your SEO might be outdated, or not even present. A redesign could positively affect your visibility.
  • The website doesn’t translate onto a mobile phone.   
    By 2025, 72% of people will use just their smartphones to access the internet, according to CNBC. It’s essential for your survival that the design of your website be optimized for mobile devices.If your organization is running into any of these issues, it’s most likely time to talk about a website redesign. RSPR is an expert in website design. Contact us to get started today.