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The Benefits of Bettering Your Brand

Brand Development: The Benefits of Bettering Your Brand

Jeff Bezos once said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” If anyone knows the power of a brand, it’s the founder and former CEO of Amazon.

Bezos’ idea applies to your business. Your organization’s brand is how audiences think and feel about your product or service, and your company as a whole. Branding is the work you put into shaping people’s perceptions of your organization.

Branding or rebranding is no small feat, but there are several reasons why strengthening your brand is instrumental for your business. Better your brand to:

Gain Recognition with Brand Development

Strong brands are present in their industries. Customers remember them because they’re always part of the conversation. Think of Starbucks for example. Strong brand, strong presence. When you think of coffee, it’s hard not to think of Starbucks as one of your options.

So how do you remain a part of the conversation? Regularly reinforce your organization’s identity, not only visually by using the same logo, font, and colors but also in consistent messaging and values that appeal to the audiences you want to attract. The more you put your company out there, the more likely it is customers will think of you when they need a product or service you offer.

Increase Your Customers’ Loyalty

Every brand tells a story. Maybe it’s the story of a family business with strong roots. Or maybe it’s the story of a passion for a product or service. Whatever it is, a solid brand has a tale that creates an emotional connection with consumers. That connection, along with great customer service and reliable products, gives you loyal customers who are more likely to buy from you and come back for more.

People who are happy like to share what makes them happy. When one of your audience members has a positive experience with your brand, they might repeat it. It’s not only great marketing; you also gain social credibility.

Be More Effective in Advertising and Sales

A brand with a great presence not only gets great word-of-mouth marketing, but it can also garner support when it grows or releases a new product or service.

If consumers see your brand as well-established and know you have reliable and valuable products and services, something new will spark their excitement and curiosity, plus increase the likelihood of purchase. Take Apple’s iPhone for example. If you’re a regular customer of Apple, the features of the newest iPhone tend to interest you, with those cool new details pushing you to consider buying the latest and greatest.

You might also be able to raise your prices as an established brand. There are always audience members who will pay more for a product from a brand they trust and like.

See Higher Employee Satisfaction

An organization is nothing without its people. When a brand is successful, employees feel proud of not only what they’ve helped the company achieve, but also of its mission and values. Strong brands can invest in their employees, helping their people engage. When people engage, the quality and amount of work often increases, which is good for business.

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