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Planning Special Events for Senior Living Communities

Planning Special Events for Senior Living Communities

If they are planned and marketed properly, events can bring in new leads and spark renewed interest from your existing prospects. It is also an opportunity to network with industry professionals who can direct referrals to your facility. RSPR boasts years of experience planning special events for senior living communities, and we’re sharing some of our favorite ideas for drawing in the people you want.

When you think of prospective residents, what do you think interests them? What are they concerned about? How can you help them?

A Sample of Events and Activities for Senior Living Communities:

  • seminars on downsizing and real estate
  • themed lunches
  • health classes including memory care topics, fitness, and navigating healthcare
  • financial planning and legal consultations
  • music and arts performances
  • hosting support groups
  • senior expo featuring other senior service providers
  • movie night
  • holiday events
  • cooking demonstrations
  • classic car shows
  • craft fairs selling items made by residents and the local community

As you begin planning, it is necessary to define the event’s objective. Then you need to establish the event budget. Break it out by categories like entertainment, decorations, food and drinks, marketing, etc.

Event location is the next consideration. You will need the event to be accessible – consider the parking, ramps, elevators, and handrails. Hold the event on the ground floor if possible, and try to keep the distance short from the building entrance to the event room. Are accessible bathrooms nearby?

Tips for Planning Your Special Events:

  • Put up signs directing guests to the event room.
  • Try to schedule the event in the morning, or no later than mid-afternoon.
  • Make sure your audience will be able to read your printed materials – avoid cursive fonts, small type, and neon colors. Consider what is linguistically appropriate.
  • When planning the food for the event, make sure it is healthy and easy to eat.
  • Secure any guest speakers or performers at least three months before the event. Ask them for a bio and photo you can use for promotion.
  • Publicize the event well in advance. Invite your guests in multiple ways – direct mail invitations, e-blasts, advertising, social media, a news release, and on the website.
  • Which service are you going to pitch to attendees? Determine your focus and prepare promotional materials. Be prepared to give tours of the facility on the day of the event.
  • Inform all staff members of the upcoming event details, and coordinate responsibilities with anyone involved in the activities.
  • Prepare the thank you notes to send to all attendees, inviting them to plan a return visit.

RSPR’s team approach is perfect for managing and planning special events for senior living communities. To discuss your needs and explore the ways we can help you generate leads, contact RSPR today.