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Tips for Successful Direct Mail Marketing to Seniors

Tips for Successful Direct Mail Marketing to Seniors

Seniors use a variety of platforms for news and entertainment, from digital media to traditional print. They grew up receiving printed catalogs and advertisements in the mail, and direct mail continues to be a valuable way to reach them. RSPR has the experience and track record to provide useful tips for successful direct mail marketing to seniors age 65 and over.

First, it’s important to understand the audience. Half of all households over 65 are headed by a single person, and 80 percent of those people are women. Instead of only couples, you will want to depict single women in your direct mail piece, as well as single men.

Most of the seniors you’re targeting are strong, healthy adults that like making choices for themselves. Sell your product directly to them instead of targeting caregivers or their children. Be conscious of your tone to avoid being disrespectful or condescending.

Seniors want information to be concise and easy to understand, persuasive yet honest. Be straightforward with a mature audience, using plain language. Finally, make them feel valued as people and personalize your message, because seniors respond to a personal touch.

More specifically, what should you include in a successful direct mail campaign to seniors?

  • Make sure the content explains why and how your senior living community will improve the prospect’s life. Without fixating on the prospect’s age, focus on how your senior living community is designed to meet his or her needs and values.
  • Offering something for free is a powerful incentive to drive response. Lunches are the most commonly promoted draw. You can also appeal to fears about finances, downsizing, or health.
  • Most people see themselves about 5-10 years younger than they are. Keep that in mind when selecting images for the direct mail piece.
  • When a prospect contacts you, be responsive and helpful about any issues, and stay in touch.

If your target audience is broad, you may want to divide it into categories with separate marketing campaigns. Campaigns can be defined by multiple criteria, including education, employment status, income, location, home type, home value, years spent in the home, marital status, interests and more.

Successful direct mail marketing to seniors requires a well-developed and targeted plan, a beautiful mail piece that is written to sell, and a willingness to follow up. If you’re ready to sell your services to seniors, contact RSPR to discuss your target market today.