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Ways to Build Brand Value

Quick Ways to Make Consumers Dislike Your Brand

Building brand value doesn’t happen overnight — it requires courage, imagination, and a drive for excellence. Here are some lessons that can help companies grow their brands.

Don’t be afraid to be different.
Being different is vital for value growth. It makes brands seem creative, in control, and trustworthy in the eyes of consumers. However, this doesn’t mean throwing a brand’s entire strategy out the window. Companies should think of ways they can diverge from the norm while staying true to the company’s value proposition.

Have a strong brand proposition.
Although every organization is looking to make money, the brands that can clearly articulate their mission beyond the financial incentive will deliver prime customer experience and stand out in the marketplace.

Help marketing empower the entire organization.
Technology has enabled employees to be more collaborative than before. If marketers can clearly define their brand purpose, then they can help other divisions better understand how that purpose applies to their roles.

Remember that great people build great brands.
Hiring and maintaining the right talent is essential for marketing. Companies should think of their employees as their greatest advocates.

Make learning a Key Performance Indicator.
No marketer knows everything. Companies should make learning a priority and a key benchmark. Companies who learn faster than their competitors will be the true winners.

Source: Direct Marketing